Sunday, September 9, 2012

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                       Its been a long course and i have learned a lot of things. this is going to be my final post and ill put everything i have done so far. the first thing i did is making two prezi's. one is titled "My Friend" & the other is "Earth Warrior". The second thing i worked on is making this blog and posting it. you will see two links for my first & second posts on this blog. Lastly i have put a link to my survey about traveling reasons which i did on Surveymonkey.

The prezi's

  1. "My Friend"

     is a prezi about one of my close friends. We were to make it to learn how to use prezi and it was really fun because it was the first time we used such program. Link:- My Friend
  2. "Earth Warrior"

     was my 2nd prezi and it was about earth day & nature. it was more advanced than the first prezi & we had to use what we learned from the previous one to make plus adding new features. it was easy though. Link:-Earth Warrior

 The posts

  1. "1st Post"

    It was the first time i ever made a blog so i had to post something in this blog and my post was about the time when i made the prezi's. it a good and easy thing to learn. Link :-Prezi FTW!!
  2. "2nd Post" 

    We were asked to write something about war being a game or not. it wasn't much but a nice argument. Link:- War is a game

    The Survey:

    1. "Reasons for Traveling"

      In this part we had to make a survey about any subject we choose and give a presentation about the results. it is interesting to know people's opinions. Link:-  Traveling Reasons

My Work:

Firstly, the Prezi's :
  • My Friend  
  • It was about introducing a classmate to the rest of the class and trying to use prezi. 
  • Earth Warrior  was about choosing an environmental motto for earth day and showing the what's happening to the environment around us.
Secondly, The very first two posts :
  • Prezi FTW!!

  • It was mainly about the experience i gained from using prezi.
  • War is a game

  • A writing task giving by the instructor about "Is war a game or not".
My last work, The survey about traveling :
I chose traveling because i think it is very important giving that people do like traveling.

Thanks everyone :)

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