Sunday, September 9, 2012

My ePortfolio

                       Its been a long course and i have learned a lot of things. this is going to be my final post and ill put everything i have done so far. the first thing i did is making two prezi's. one is titled "My Friend" & the other is "Earth Warrior". The second thing i worked on is making this blog and posting it. you will see two links for my first & second posts on this blog. Lastly i have put a link to my survey about traveling reasons which i did on Surveymonkey.

The prezi's

  1. "My Friend"

     is a prezi about one of my close friends. We were to make it to learn how to use prezi and it was really fun because it was the first time we used such program. Link:- My Friend
  2. "Earth Warrior"

     was my 2nd prezi and it was about earth day & nature. it was more advanced than the first prezi & we had to use what we learned from the previous one to make plus adding new features. it was easy though. Link:-Earth Warrior

 The posts

  1. "1st Post"

    It was the first time i ever made a blog so i had to post something in this blog and my post was about the time when i made the prezi's. it a good and easy thing to learn. Link :-Prezi FTW!!
  2. "2nd Post" 

    We were asked to write something about war being a game or not. it wasn't much but a nice argument. Link:- War is a game

    The Survey:

    1. "Reasons for Traveling"

      In this part we had to make a survey about any subject we choose and give a presentation about the results. it is interesting to know people's opinions. Link:-  Traveling Reasons

My Work:

Firstly, the Prezi's :
  • My Friend  
  • It was about introducing a classmate to the rest of the class and trying to use prezi. 
  • Earth Warrior  was about choosing an environmental motto for earth day and showing the what's happening to the environment around us.
Secondly, The very first two posts :
  • Prezi FTW!!

  • It was mainly about the experience i gained from using prezi.
  • War is a game

  • A writing task giving by the instructor about "Is war a game or not".
My last work, The survey about traveling :
I chose traveling because i think it is very important giving that people do like traveling.

Thanks everyone :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

So far....

So far i learned some awesome stuff in academic communication. Recently we did some work on how to make a survey. Our instructor has taught why someone would make a survey and how we can make it. We used a website called to make our surveys. Then we published them online and gathered the answers from some people (classmates mostly). After that the instructor asked us to make charts from the answers we gathered and send them to him.  When we reached the charts step we got to learn how to use a cool program known as Jing. its a program that can cut and corp pictures anytime you want and makes an online link for it if you want and you record videos also. You can find it here .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

War is a game

War is a game. A very famous old saying but is it true? Most people would say war is a sad thing there is no way it can be called a game. however, some people say its a in a way and i agree with them in that matter because that this saying has a different meaning than it sounds.

It's very obvious why people would oppose that old saying. Because as everyone knows wars brings death and despair to people and many lose their beloved ones, lose their homes and some lose everything in wars. thats how cruel a war can be So you can't just call it a game when people's lives at stake.

Those who agrees with that old saying say that its a game but on a large field with real lives and action. they say its about who moves his troops like chess pieces and who smarter and faster to beat the other. A game of strategy i would say.

i personally think its a game of mind but a game where you find joy in it rather the opposite a game where you have to make cruel and bitter decisions and where you the lives of your troops is in your handpalm. you could lead them to their deaths or a glorious victory.

In conclusion, War is a "cruel" game where no joy is found in it rather only harsh memories and days. i would sympathize with people who say its not a game becuase i understand how they feel and i also i understand the meaning of it when people say its a game.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prezi FTW!!

During my school time i did many presentations on PowerPoint but it was a bit boring because of the sloppy mechanics of PPT. During that time i found out about Prezi but i’ve never thought i would ever use it in my life. But fortunately here in the Naval College I got the chance to learn how to use it. It’s actually much easier and more fun than PPT and i enjoy presenting using it. I have already made some pretty good Prezi’s.

My prezi’s :